Accessible web development

Web accessibility experts based in Brighton, UK

Millions of computer users make use of some kind of assistive technology to interact with their computer and browse the web.

Assistive technologies range from screen readers for blind or partially-sighted people to special input devices for people who find it difficult or uncomfortable to use a typical mouse.

A well designed website will take factors like these into account to ensure that your information or service is made available to the widest possible audience.

And we've always found that a bit of thought about accessibility issues generally results in a better structured, easier to use website for everyone. As an added bonus, many of the techniques which make a website more accessible also produce websites which are easier to find.

Since 1997, the W3C (that's the World Wide Web Consortium) has been developing, publishing and promoting accessibility guidelines and best practices through the Web Accessibility Initiative or WAI. The WAI website is full of useful information about how to create accessible, inclusive websites.

Codeface has over ten years of experience in highly developing accessible web sites for voluntary, public and private sector clients.

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