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Brighton's Java/servlets/JSP developers

Java is an object-oriented programming language which is great for developing sophisticated web applications.

Until relatively recently, Java was arguably the only sensible choice for creating a web application using a fully-fledged programming language.

As a legacy of this, many banks and large companies continue to use Java and Java servlets for their web applications.

These days Java faces some competition from other open-source technologies such as Ruby on Rails and PHP (PHP started as more of a scripting language but object-oriented programming contructs were soon introduced, and more recently PHP has become the foundation for various frameworks similar to Rails)

But Java is still the language of choice for robust, secure, heavy duty applications with complex business logic.

Codeface has been using Java and Java servlets to create complex database-driven websites since 1999. We also provide a fully managed Java hosting service.

If you'd like to discuss your Java programming requirements with us, please do get in touch at our Brighton & Hove office.

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