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Welcome to web development, the Codeface way

Codeface is a team of exceptional web developers and programmers based in Brighton and Hove.

We've been creating outstanding websites and web applications for over fifteen years now and we're still just as passionate about developing great websites as we were when we first opened for business in 1999.

To get an idea of how we might be able to help you (and what makes us tick), read on. And if you like what you read here, do get in touch with us at our Brighton & Hove office for a free, friendly chat about your web development project.

How we work: our formula for a successful website

Every project is different, but over the years we've developed a set of best practices to ensure you end up with a great site.

Here's our secret now not-so-secret formula:

Our philosophy

Recent Projects

Satirino - a bilingual site with a bespoke content management system

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