For many years, design agencies and web development companies have been coming to Codeface to get their beautiful designs turned into finished HTML templates. Simply send us your files in PSD or similar format, and we'll create fantastic, standards-based HTML (or XHTML) and CSS code.

HTML and CSS the Codeface way

Great HTML code and CSS are the lifeblood of any website. Your site's HTML is the first thing seen by your users' web-browser software, and - equally important - it's the first thing search engine crawlers see.

Codeface takes a holistic, standards-based approach to creating beautiful hand-crafted XHTML and CSS.

By holistic, we mean that we are able to keep the bigger picture in mind and consider several important factors as we hand-code a page:

Our XHTML/CSS service is provided by human beings - we're happy to provide feedback on any issues that crop up with the designs we've been asked to implement, and generally work with your graphic designers in an iterative way (but we appreciate that you're sometimes in a hurry - if you prefer, we can just shut up, stop asking questions and make the HTML!)

If this service sounds like it might be just what you were looking for, please get in touch with us at our Brighton & Hove office.

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