Introducing... Outsourced Refactoring

If you're not sure what refactoring is or what benefits it might bring to your software project, check out our handy introduction: What is Refactoring?

A service for busy software providers

If for some reason you've found yourself with a bunch of spaghetti legacy code in desperate need of some refactoring, you've come to the right place.

Codeface is a team of outstanding programmers based in Brighton, UK.

Once we understand your requirements and have agreed a suitable direction for the refactoring, we will...

We can enter into a privacy/non-disclosure agreement with you before starting work, and the intellectual property rights in the resulting beautifully refactored code will remain with the original copyright holder.

Our refactoring service is currently available for Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP code.

If this sounds like it might be useful, please get in touch with us at our Brighton & Hove office.

We also provide outsourced coding services for design agencies.

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