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Drupal is an open-source, PHP-based content management platform. It's widely used and supported, and there are many useful extensions.

Drupal is ideal if you are looking for a large informational site with multi-tiered navigation. It can also be extended in a variety of ways, making Drupal a highly flexible development platform.

For the developer, getting started with Drupal can be a little daunting when compared with something like WordPress. There's a bit of a learning curve but once you're familiar with the 'Drupal way' it's a very powerful and flexible system.

As the owner or administrator of a Drupal-powered site you'll discover a powerful content management platform that can be tailored by your web developers to meet your site's specific requirements.

And the end users, or visitors to a Drupal site will experience a nicely organised website with well-structured navigation that plays nicely with search engines.

Here at Codeface we've been using Drupal since 2008. We're able to offer the following services:

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