Whiplash was a Flash game we originally conceived back in 2001. Inspired by games like Thrust (a cult BBC Micro game from the 1980's), Whiplash uses some basic physics - gravity, tension and viscosity - to simulate a chain of interlinked objects which the player uses to 'whip' baddies.

By summer 2002, with some nice graphics and polishing of the game by Niki Sehmi, Whiplash was ready for primetime, and we set it loose on the world via email.

In 2003, it occurred to us that the people getting the best scores in Whiplash were all using Wacom tablets instead of a mouse so we got in touch with Wacom and asked if they'd like to bundle a version of Whiplash with their next product launch.

They were delighted with the idea and so the next version of Whiplash was born.

At the time of writing (January 2011) it's ten years to the day since Richard first sat down and started putting together the very first version of Whiplash so for old times' sake, here's a link to the classic version of the game that we set loose on the world in 2002!

Whiplash Flash game (classic version from 2002)

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