Linux Support - Brighton, East Sussex

We've been using Linux to develop and deploy web applications since 1999.

As well as hosting client websites on our dedicated fully managed Linux servers, we're often asked by clients to setup, configure and maintain their hosting on their own dedicated server - or increasingly these days 'in the cloud'.

Over the years, we've encountered just about every conceivable situation that can arise with a Linux server, and we're pleased to provide our expertise as a standalone consultancy service.

Here are some examples of jobs we've been asked to do by our clients lately - if you need some trusted engineers to do anything similar, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at our Brighton and Hove office.

  • Set up a barebones server with a Java servlet hosting environment.
  • Set up a Ruby on Rails hosting environment from scratch.
  • Install and configure Asterisk, the open source software telephone exchange.
  • Install, configure and optimise MySQL. Set up Master-slave replication, InnoDB, backups etc
  • Track down missing libraries to get software working or work through complex chains of dependencies to get the bottom of complicated problems.
  • Migrate entire servers to new hardware and cloud-based platforms
  • Secure a server from attack by hackers.
  • Forensic analysis of a compromised server, and recovery of lost data.

We have experience with many different distributions of Linux. We're especially familiar with the following:

  • CentOS
  • Red Hat & Fedora
  • Debian & Ubuntu