MySQL Query Optimisation Service

Here at Codeface we love a challenge. We've faced down a few scary-looking MySQL queries over the years, but we've yet to meet one that didn't roll over and let us tickle its tummy with our powerful arsenal of MySQL query optimisation techniques. If your site is running slow and you suspect it's database queries that are the bottleneck, get in touch with us at our Brighton and Hove office and we'll get you back on the road to low server load, a speedy website and happy users.

Meet the Optimisers

Codeface is a team of expert programmers with many years of experience writing and optimising MySQL queries.

Here's how our MySQL query optimisation service works:

It's rare to find a query that we can't do anything about. Different situations require different approaches...

Different approaches to query optimisation

We specialise in looking for optimisations that can be easily fitted to your website with minimal hassle, for example:

As well as MySQL, we're experts in Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP, so we're able to take a holistic approach to sites developed using these technologies and make recommendations about the overall approach being used.

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