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29th September 2011 Hastings Self Storage

Another local Sussex business website goes live. We designed and built the Hastings Self Storage site for Curtis Group over the summer.

Hastings Self Storage

15th July 2011 - City Read London

We've just put up a little holding page for City Read London.

City Read London 2012

9th November 2010 - Hove Offices

We've just launched the Hove Offices website for Curtis Group, who rent out very nice serviced offices in a couple of buildings here in Hove.

Hove Offices - serviced offices in central Hove

2nd September 2010 - Banned Books

We've just launched the Banned Books website, a collaboration between UK libraries and organisations who promote freedom of expression in this country and around the world.

We built the site using Ruby on rails.

Banned Books

28th June 2010 - Asterisk*

* Using the fantastic open-source telephone exchage server, Asterisk, we're currently working on some telephony projects with world renowned artists group Blast Theory.

Blast Theory

15th March 2010 - Drugscope

We're working with DrugScope - the UK's leading independent centre of information and expertise on drugs - to create an online database of drug rehab services, using Ruby on Rails.


1st July 2009 - RunTimeLog


We've just launched a brand new site for runners, an online running log called RunTimeLog.

Using the Google Maps API, the site enables runners to map out their regular running routes and save them. They can then come back any time and easily log a run, just by selecting a route and saying how long the run took.

Once a few runs have been logged, users start getting graphs and charts - for example weekly mileage totals for the last few weeks.

Whether you've just started running, or you're a seasoned racer, RunTimeLog will help inspire you to stick at it.

RunTimeLog - the free online running log

21st April 2009 - Outside Story

The Outside Story website is now up and running - complete with events calendar, book reviews section, a project staff area and more...

Outside Story

8th March 2009 - What's Occurrin?

We've just embarked on a top-secret mission to develop a brand new...well, actaully we can't say. Don't worry, all will be revealed later this year. Meanwhile, here's a link for search engine crawlers to chew on:

What's occurrin'?

5th March 2009 - Curtis Call

We've just launched a nice little brochure site for Curtis Call, a friendly neighbourhood call management service here in Hove.

Curtis Call Management

22nd January 2009 - Outside Story

We're developing a website for the Outside Story project. Over the next few months we'll be adding various features to help suport the project which aims to make libraries in London more accessible to homeless and vulnerably housed people.

Outside Story

1st September 2008 - Beat the Keeper

This underwater game is the first in a new series of variations on our popular "Back of the Net" quiz game for BBC Learning English.

Beat the Keeper

7th Jan 2008 - Limited Edition

Limited Edition is the latest reading promotion in London's libraries. The website features booklists, events, a quiz and more.

Limited Edition 

22nd Oct 2007 - Launch of Down Your Drink Medical Trial

Following a successful pilot earlier this year, the DYD medical trial has now been launched, using the Down Your Drink website developed by Codeface.

1st June 2007 - Talking Business

This is a web-based course to help learners improve their spoken communication skills in English in different business situations.

Talking Business website 

21st May 2007 - A Book with a View

A Book with a View is a new promotion across London's libraries, celebrating books inspired by landscapes and landmarks. The site contains a database of recommended reads, a quiz, a photo gallery and a calendar of events.

A Book with a View 

22nd December 2006 - Like It Is Productions

Like It Is is a young, innovative, upfront production company. Codeface has been busy working with Like It Is to create a dynamic, bold website which has been launched today... 

27th November 2006 - Public Work

PublicWork is a London-based arts organisation and consultancy exploring ways to tell stories of who we are - as individuals, as institutions, and as a society. 

An appetite for reading

6th October 2006 - Appetite for Reading

We've just launched another reader development promotion for the London Libraries Development Agency. This time the recommendations are all books inspired by food and drink...

Appetite for Reading 

12th September 2006 - Get that Job

This is the latest in a series of projects we've developed with the 'Learning English' service at the BBC World Service. This new site is full of quizzes and exercises to help students with job-hunting tasks like putting together a CV or succeeding in a job interview.

Get that Job website 

17th May 2006 - London Lives

Today we've launched the website for London Lives, the latest reader development promotion from the London Libraries Development Agency.

London Lives website 

1st March 2006 - Moving Words

Moving Words is a new project which we've developed for the 'Learning English' service at the BBC.

Throughout March, visitors to the website will nominate their favorite quotations; at the end of March a shortlist of the ten most popular nominations will be created and users will vote for their favorites.

New features are being introduced over the course of the month - check out the fridge game and mobile phone game for a bit of fun.

Moving Words homepage 
Fun with a Fridge Door 
Fun with a Mobile Phone 

The goal-keeper from Back of the Net!

24th January 2006 - Back of the Net!

Back of the Net! is a Penalty shoot-out game which we've developed for the BBC World Service.

The launch of the game coincides with the start of the 2006 African Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Back of the Net! 

17th October 2005 - Relaunch of St Martin-in-the-Fields

The new website for St Martin-in-the-Fields was launched today. Graphic design has been provided by CorpBrand, and the new website and CMS were implemented by Codeface. 

20th June 2005 - Passport to Murder...

Today we launched the website for "Passport to Murder", the latest Reader Development promotion for the London Libraries Development Agency.

The site features a selection of classic and contemporary crime fiction by European authors selected by London's librarians.

Passport to Murder website 

Fresh code for sale on beach!

20th May 2005 - Codeface has moved!

Codeface has now finished moving offices to sunny Hove.

Our new address can be found on the contact details page 

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