Ruby on Rails hosting

Fully managed Rails hosting, located in the UK

Ruby on Rails is relatively new (compared to say Java or PHP) and not so long ago it could sometimes seem like there was a little less choice available when it came to Rails hosting. But over the last couple of years, more options have appeared - ranging from small virtual host providers to cloud-based platforms.

So you certainly shouldn't let any concerns over hosting put you off using Rails for your project. You'd be missing out on some fantastic benefits - see the discussion on our Ruby on Rails page for more details.

Codeface provides fully managed Rails hosting with dedicated servers located in the middle of the UK to enable super-low latency to all parts of the UK, and fantastic high-speed connectivity to the rest of the world.

For our Ruby on Rails hosting we use Phusion Passenger and Ruby Enterprise edition.

Our Rails hosting service is pretty hands-on and is intended primarily for our web development clients, or for clients who need a certain amount of input on configuration and optimisation, or ongoing support and maintenance.

Before taking on the hosting of an existing Rails application we'd normally familiarise ourselves with the source code. This enables us to be sure that we're able to provide suitable hosting, and it enables us to ensure the security of our network.

As well as providing Rails hosting on our own servers, we offer a deployment, support and maintenance service to enable you to host your Rails web application on your own dedicated server (or on a virtual server in the cloud). We're experts at setting up, configuring and optimising Linux servers, and keeping them running smoothly with a high level of uptime.

Get in touch with us for a chat about your Rails hosting needs.

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