The bedrock of excellence

codeform : structure is everything

Blueprints, plans, maps - in all areas of life, a structured, well-designed approach is vital for outstanding results.

Our approach to project development means that we deliver what your organisation requires, within budget, on schedule, time after time.

codemap : documentation

Before work on a project commences, we deliver a document outlining a big picture for you to agree to and for us to work from.

Throughout the life-cycle of a project, we deliver periodic status updates.

After a project, we deliver a thoroughly documented codebase as a foundation for future steps.

codeback : disaster recovery

Most software disasters are avoidable. With regular backup and systems for roll-back, we create the safest environment for rapid and effective development.

codeshift : future-proof your organisation

Technology evolves. Your product or service must remain relevant when the technological environment moves on.

With our structured approach to product development, we keep this in mind, making porting to a new platform straightforward, should the future demand it.

codeclean : the final polish

At every stage in the development cycle, we clean up after ourselves. In the final product, every line of code is accounted for, leaving your product clean, fast and effective.

codetest : bullet-proof your application

Your product works before you get it. We use a test-driven development approach, to ensure we deliver quality code every time.

codebase : foundations for success

Your code is your organisation's intelligence, condensed into a tangible asset. You should be able to re-use that digital asset time and time again, and it should add value to your organisation.

A well cared-for codebase forms the foundations necessary for an effective response to constantly changing market conditions.

In the digital age, this is a key factor in deciding which organisations flourish, and which vanish.

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