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Tip Hut allows you to effortlessly manage and publish your very own 'Tip of the Day' (or Quote of the Day or Joke of the Day!)

Businesses can use it to stay at the front of clients' and pospects' minds. Individuals can use it to stay in touch with family and friends. Teachers and experts can use it to keep learners' eyes on the ball.

Tip Hut grew out of our need for a product that we couldn't find. We wanted a better system for sending out our Ruby tip of the day and none of the existing email list management products did quite what we wanted.

in April 2011, Tip Hut will be made available as a service that anyone can use to publish their tip of the day. Sign up at tiphut.com to be first to hear when we launch.

Tip Hut tip of the day publishing system

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