Editorial services for the web

Writing for the web is a specialist skill. Attention spans are short, your audience is potentially global, and you can't control which page a reader will start on.

Over the years we've taken many clients from the ideas stage to the launch of a finished website. Each time we go through the process, we become intimately familiar with that client's product or service. This puts us in a great position to help improve the text for a site, or - in many cases - write fantastic copy from scratch.

Your site, and each page on it, needs to be:

If it's a large site, written by a number of people, you also need a way to maintain consistency and a sense of authorship across the site. This is where the style guide comes in. We can work to your corporate style guide if you have one, or write one for you if you don't.

If you are having your site re-developed (by us or another agency), you may be migrating a large body of content from a previous site (or sites). This content often needs work in order to integrate well into its new environment. This is sometimes referred to as content repurposing - and it's another area where we have years of experience.

As well as running a website, perhaps you make use of email newsletters, blogs and other web-based marketing and communications content. We can help with that too.

We're pleased to offer our editorial expertise as a standalone service, or as an integral part of a web development job.

If you'd like to discuss your editorial requirements, please do get in touch with us at our Brighton and Hove office.

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