If you haven't come across the idea of refactoring before, and you were intrigued by our outsourced code refactoring service, we hope this executive summary will give you an understanding of what refactoring is, and when and why it might be used.

So what is ‘Code Refactoring’?

To use a car as an analogy... You can think of refactoring as a bit like rearranging the layout of the car's engine without changing the car's external appearance, and without even changing its performance.

Just a minute... Why on Earth would you do such a thing!?

Good question; we're glad you asked.

Software (or ‘code’) can be much more complex than a physical system like a car's engine, and code can become extremely messy and unmanageable as it evolves over a period of months or years.

Even in relatively new software, the mad dash to get the first version released may have resulted in code that strays from the original design. Over time, the addition of extra features which weren't considered in the original design can add to the chaos.

As time goes on and the software grows, you might find yourself in a situation where different areas of an application are doing essentially the same thing, but using different bits of code. This results in an application which is hard to maintain - when you need to make changes, you need to remember to change the same thing in more than one place.

Some of these problems can be caused or compounded by different team members working on the code without a shared understanding of the intended overall design/architecture.

This is where Codeface's outsourced code refactoring service comes in.

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