Bespoke telephony development

In addition to providing outstanding web development services, we have extensive expertise in creating bespoke telephony systems.

In recent years, VOIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) has enabled a new generation of home and office telephone providers to compete with traditional phone companies like BT. At the same time, VOIP has opened up endless possibilities for cost-effective development of phone-based services that allow the user to interact with a computer server using their phone handset.

Using VoiceXML (aka VXML) we're able to take your ideas and create sophisticated interactive telephone systems that provide callers with information, respond to voice commands and telephone keypad presses, and record information in a database based on the user's interaction.

We also have experience creating more complex voice systems using the excellent open source telephony server, Asterisk. The Java Asterisk API gives us a great way to create integrated web and telephony applications.

For some friendly, free consultancy about your telephony requirements, please contact us.

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